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1998 -  Virtual Mundo, LLC is formed in New Mexico by Gene Hayes, mainly as a service to friends and family in establishing an online presence; VMundo.com is registered and launched. Virtual Mundo creates and manages CONCACAF.com (an extremely popular international soccer site).

1999 - Virtual Mundo provides Web design, hosting, and marketing services on a limited basis to small businesses; a couple of customers benefit tremendously and establish successful international businesses.

2000 - Design services (offered on a part-time basis) are insufficient to keep up with demand opportunities. VMundo.com is shutdown, but Virtual Mundo continues to provide hosting services to existing clients. CONCACAF.com is transferred to an international association after almost two years of exciting growth.

2001 - Gene decides to leave a successful career with Intel Corporation and starts dedicating more time to Virtual Mundo's initial vision. Business planning and preparation become an essential component to provide small businesses with top-quality services at the most affordable prices. Key partnerships are established and a sound infrastructure developed.

2002 - Virtual Mundo Web Solutions starts formally offering its services in Arizona. vMundo.net is successfully launched and reopens its "virtual" doors to clients. vMundo.net offers a more complete line of robust and top of the line web solutions, along with high-quality Spanish translation and localization services.

2004 - The company finalizes its first major translation and localization project for a large company in Arizona. The project consists of translating and localizing the software and manual for the company's flagship product into Spanish for the Mexican market.

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