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We don't take shortcuts; we avoid confusion:

Explanation: "aplicación" is a false cognate that conveys a different meaning


Maximize your business potential by building credibility with 35.3 million1 Hispanics in the U.S. and several million more globally! We do not claim to translate and localize into 40 languages, but we can certainly ensure that Spanish speakers will feel right at home when visiting your Web siteit is not only a key Internet marketing strategy, but a smart way to do business.

Localization is much more than accurate textual translation...

Web localization consists of taking into account cultural and social differences, communication styles, and other necessary formatting changes; localization is not simply addressing an audience in a different language (translation), but rather addressing a totally separate audience. vMundo is here to make it possible.

vMundo offers comprehensive and professional translations and localization for existing or new web sites. Translators are not only fully bilingual and hold either bachelors or post-graduate degrees, but also are bi-cultural. We do not do volume translations, but rather we focus on one or two projects at a time to ensure 100% accuracy and conveyance of meaning.


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